Industry and Market Analysis


 According to a Packaged Facts report, the baby care supplies market is valued at $6.1 billion in the U.S.

The overall industry sales figures remain constant, and an 11.7 increase supports stability in the juvenile manufacturing industry. This is a clear correlation to the maintained  national birth rate of four million. The birth in U.S. was up 1% in 2007, to 4.1 million births, a trend that is expected to slowly increase, suggesting an increasing demand for infant care products in the years to come. Growth within this industry is driven by strong national birth rate, the continued popularity of stylish, convenient baby products, and parents insisting on very best for their babies.


The stroller of the 21st century.Over the past ten years, jogging strollers have been an outstanding introduction to the world of adult fitness and child comfort. Thanks to this type of stroller, parents can enjoy the benefits of exercise while giving their children an opportunity to get out in the fresh air. Today’s jogging strollers can be used almost anywhere; the mall,, the park or city sidewalks. More and more parents choose three-wheel jogging stroller over traditional four-wheeled baby carriages because they feature better maneuverability and durable construction. For stay-at –home parents, there’s often a feeling of isolation, and it’s sometimes difficult for them to find other moms and dads with whom to bond. Walking or jogging with children in strollers is one of the best ways to connect parents who want to build friendships and stay and fit active. Finding a suitable exercise routine is difficult for parents who often lack the time for gym workouts. Also, many parents are reluctant to part from their babies to squeeze in an exercise class.

For these reasons, it is and excellent time to introduce the EXERCISE STROLLER into the stroller market.