The heart of the stroller.The Exercise Stroller is a newly patented technology available for licensing. Patent # US 7328906B1

The appealing features of Exercise Stroller would be its unique and ergonomically correct design that would allow natural and free movement of human body, without feeling discomfort or muscle strain, or even numbness and back pain caused by constricting or distorting natural stride and arm motion. This would offer an improvement over standard jogging stroller, for both the casual user and serious exerciser.

Although pushing a conventional stroller is beneficial cardiovascular activity and exercises the leg muscles, it does not tone and strengthen the upper body, and it does not provide natural body movement.

The Exercise Stroller is superior to competitive products because of its unique design that allows the user to get a complete workout, toning and strengthening the muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest and legs, providing natural movement for whole body while bonding with the child.


SIMPLICITY AND COMFORTCompact and easy to store

The Exercise Stroller is similar in basic construction to a standard baby stroller and is easily collapsible for storage and transport. This innovative stroller is designed similar to a “jogger” stroller, constructed with three durable wheels. The uniqueness of this product is in the modified design of the handlebars, the rear frame, and the stroller’s crankshaft.

Instead of having the usual padded, crossbar style handle, the Exercise Stroller incorporates two arm action poles, similar in design to those found on dual-action exercise machines that work both the upper and lower body.
These arm action poles form split handlebars that connect to the modified stroller frame and the rear axle, allowing back-and-forth motion when activated.

The handles on the Exercise Stroller allow the adult pushing the stroller to maintain a natural back-and-forth arm motion as he or she walked or jogged with the child.

An adjustable resistance mechanism provides resistance of movement as the handles are pushed and pulled in a back and forth motion, providing a cross training workout similar to that provided by elliptical machines and similar upper body equipment.

The arm action of the Exercise Stroller could also be deactivated simply by using a switch provided. This allows the user, if they choose not to exercise their upper torso to deactivate the handle movement by locking in the handles together to form a standard stroller.

This unique stroller also would be ideal for the more serious runner who is aware of the constrictions to arm and leg movement that standard strollers can cause. Casual users would also note the difference that arm movement would make to their general comfort.

Currently, no products on the market offer all of the features and advantages of the Exercise Stroller, and with this industry constantly growing; the Exercise Stroller is a great addition to stroller market.